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Bella Home Care of the Midlands, Home Health Care, Columbia, SC
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We make every day a better day by supporting you.

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Meal Preparation
Fresh meals play an important role in sustaining optimal health. Our caregivers are well-trained in preparing nutritious, well-balanced meals to help you meet your dietary requirements. When planning your meals, we take into consideration your taste preferences, so you can enjoy every meal.
Companionship and Compassion
One of the roles our team of care specialists is proud to play is becoming a companion to our clients. With companionship services, we prevent the decline of your loved one’s mental and socio-emotional health. Our non-medical services include preparing nutritious meals, accompanying them to appointments, and engaging them in recreational activities.
Personal Care
Sustaining the overall health of our clients entails ensuring their routines include hygienic habits. This is why our team goes above and beyond to assist your loved ones with bathing, dressing, grooming, incontinence care, exercises, and more. Also, we see to it that we provide support with respect to their dignity and independence.
Respite Care
Stress and anxiety can build up over time and can soon lead to burnout. As experts in caregiving, we offer our assistance to primary caregivers and clients. With our respite care services, primary caregivers can take a break from their caregiving duties to rejuvenate or to deal with important affairs. We make sure to provide the necessary support in their stead for short or long periods.
Medical Coordination
Although our team is neither trained nor qualified to provide medical care, we can coordinate with healthcare professionals in ensuring our client’s optimal health. We work with physicians and update them with the progress or decline of our client’s condition. We also help set appointments for our clients and assist them with non-medical support.
Grocery Shopping & Errands
Ignoring simple tasks like grocery shopping may result in multiple health declines starting with malnutrition. If your loved ones are less capable of running errands on their own, our caregivers can accompany them or do the tasks for them. Apart from grocery shopping, we can assist your loved ones with picking up prescriptions, organizing incoming mails, going to the post office, and more.
Alzheimer’s Care
Alzheimer’s disease, along with other memory problems, may make independence impossible for the individual but it doesn’t necessarily have to. We can tailor a specialized care plan that suits your needs and promote independence for as long as possible. Our team is well-trained in educating your and your loved ones about their condition, the risks, and treatments that, although will not cure the disease, will delay the progression of the disease and improve their quality of life.
End-of-Life Care
A diagnosis of a chronic illness is difficult to absorb, even more so a reduced life expectancy. Our team understands the burden a life-limiting condition brings to patients and their family members, and we offer our support and assistance in managing the inevitable challenges and transitions. We are here for you through this difficult process.
Post-Hospitalization Care
Patients may need care and constant monitoring after being discharged from the hospital. Our post-hospital care helps expedite the recovery process and ensures total recovery and success of the patient’s treatment plans. Our care specialists are keen on details and properly trained to monitor the health of our clients.
Child Care
Children need guidance and support in every stage of development and, when parents or guardians get caught up with their busy schedules, we are their best companions. We offer specialized care and treatment to children in the comfort of their homes. With short or long-term care for children, parents can rest and pursue other responsibilities with peace of mind.

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